You probably came to this page through the integration with a partner region, so let's briefly explain what SummitLynx is: SummitLynx is a digital tour book and hiking passport. We work with many tourism regions to make collecting hiking needles on your smartphone work.

How does the whole thing work?

These instructions apply if you came to us via the integration in the app or the website of a partner region. In this case, a somewhat reduced version of our app is integrated there. Collecting hiking needles also works very well via this. If you want to use all the functions of the app or use our service worldwide as a tour book, then we invite you of course to test our app ->


To assign an entry to a person, you have to register first. To do this, simply click on the "Create entry" button at the top, and you will automatically be taken to the login/registration page. Here you can choose between authentication with Facebook, Apple ID and the input of email address and password.

You can also find more information about registration here.

First entry

After registration, you will be automatically redirected to the proximity search, where you have to allow access to your location first. The service needs this permission so that we can display the destinations in the vicinity. If you have allowed this, you may already be shown a destination if one is near you. We have a tolerance of 300 meters to a target. If you are further away, nothing will be displayed here.

If there is a destination nearby, you can create an entry there. For a nice entry you can upload a picture and add a short text or optional information like weather, movement type, etc.

After saving the entry, it will be transferred to our servers and, if necessary, the points for hiking needles will be calculated.

You can also find more information about creating entries here.

Collecting hiking needles

If you want to know which hiking pins are available in the region or how many points you are still missing to reach them, you can find the overview of available pins on the start page of the integration. If the pins are still a bit pale, then you haven't reached them yet. If you have already collected points, the yellow bar below the graphic shows you the progress in collecting. If you click on the needle, you will see more information such as the goals of the needle, the score and necessary points, etc.

You can also find more information on collecting hiking pins here.

Now have fun collecting and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

June 27, 2023

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