Bludenz, the scenic alpine town, is surrounded by five valleys and flanked by the imposing Lechtal Alps, the Rätikon and the Verwall Group. This makes it a true paradise for all hiking lovers who aspire to the heights and the mountains. As a traditional mountain town, Bludenz offers advanced mountaineers and leisurely hikers new adventures and variety in the Alps every day.

An extensive network of hiking trails, suitable for all tastes and levels, begins right outside the gates of Bludenz. Themed hikes such as legend and alpine hikes, water adventure trails, gorge trails and much more provide insights into the region and tell the fascinating story of the Alpine town of Bludenz.

Whether you choose challenging summit climbs or leisurely walks along the mountain paths, every hiker will find the right routes in Bludenz. The varied nature and breathtaking landscapes offer a unique backdrop for unforgettable hiking experiences.