Discover the Donau region - get into flow step by step

While hiking in the Donau region, you can fully engage with the beauty of nature and discover the diversity of landscapes. From the wooded banks of the Upper Donau Valley, to the fertile plains of the Eferding Basin and Machland, to the imposing rock formations of the once-feared Strudengau - there is much to explore here.

With every step you take in this impressive natural landscape, you get a little closer to the Donau. The hiking trails lead you along the river and offer incredible panoramic views of the glittering water from above again and again. It is a unique way to experience the Donau from different perspectives and discover the different types of landscapes. Hikes on the Postlingberg, Koglerauer Spitz and Kerzenstein are highly recommended.

Be enchanted by the beauty of the forested banks, feel the vastness of the fertile plains and admire the majestic rock formations in the Strudengau. Each step takes you deeper into this fascinating natural landscape and allows you to explore the Donau region in a very special way.