Experience an unforgettable hiking vacation in Viehhofen.

Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the mountains and discover the beautiful details of the landscape. The Pinzgau Grass Mountains attract both amateur hikers and experienced mountaineers with their heights of almost 2,000 meters. Even at the highest altitudes, the landscape presents itself gently and offers green alpine fields and alpine meadows. With a little effort, you can reach practically any summit cross. On the way to the summit there are numerous idyllic places to rest, whether at a small, hidden mountain lake or in one of the cozy alpine huts.

The entire region around Viehhofen is well prepared for hiking tourism. A special service that you should definitely use are the mountain railroads that are open in summer. With them you can quickly and comfortably reach the first peak, from which you can then hike along the ridge at lofty heights to other peaks.

Discover the beauty of the mountains, experience the feeling of freedom and enjoy the incomparable view.