One of the core feature of our app is collecting hiking badges. There are 2 sorts of hiking badges - those of our partner regions and our own virtual badges.

Hiking badges of our partner regions

Our more than 40 partner regions define the premisses for the hiking badges themselves. Under the menu item "Regions" you can learn more about it. The most of the hiking badges you can reach multiple times. Besides that you can mostly fetch real hiking badges at the tourist offices of our partner regions by showing the confirmation in our app. Please find the addresses and conditions on the hiking badge details pages.

Here you will find the list of our partner regions >>

Additional trophies

Under the last chapter "Additional trophies" on the region overview page you will find our own trophies. Those badges are virtual, this means you will not get physical hiking badges. Those badges should motivate you for hiking and outdoor sports.

Hiking badges in the partner regions

When you choose the menu item "Regions" you will get an overview of our partner regions. Please choose the region you want to learn more about. In case that you are located in one of our partner regions, an additional tab "Nearby" will be shown and there you will find the hiking badges within your region.

When you choose a region, the detail page of the region is shown. There you will find an overview of the available hiking badges, a short description of the region, the most frequented locations in the region and the check-ins which users shared publicly.

When you click on a hiking badge, the detail page of the hiking badge is shown. There you will learn all about the conditions to reach the trophy. When you have already checked in at some locations, they will be marked in the list (see screenshot). As soon as you have earned the trophy, a redeem button is shown and the hiking badge is listed in the list of your earned badges (profile - my badges).

You should click the button "Redeem now" just in case you pick up the hiking badge in the tourist office. You will get a note, that just the staff of the tourist office should execute this procedure. When the button does not appear any more, this means that you have already picked up the hiking badge.

Note: This button is not shown for our own trophies ("additional badges") as you won't get a physical badge there.

Additional badges

Our additional badges should motivate you to go outside and go for a hike. You will find them under the menu item "regions" on the bottom of the page - chapter "Additional badges". You won't get physical hiking badges for this trophies, and in some of the cases they do not relate to a region. Our most popular trophy is the "Smart Lynx" badge for that we plant a tree.

Besides that we also have ur "Featured trophies" which are also supra-regionally and which are sponsored by our partner companies.

You will find the conditions to earn this badges also on the detail page of the trophy.

Frequently asked questions

How does the whole thing with the hiking badges work?

You can collect hiking badges with our app in our partner regions. Here you will find a list with our partners

When you check in at location which is part of a hiking badge, you will get the points for this automatically. As soon as you have fulfilled the requirements for a special hiking badge, you will get a notification and you will receive an email with the certificate (unless you have activated the checkbox "get certificate" at your profile settings).

You will find an overview about your collected points on the menu item "hiking badges" when you click on a certain hiking badge.

As mentioned above we also have additional trophies which are not related to a partner region, but you won't get a real physical hiking badge there.

How can I redeem my hiking badges?

You mostly can redeem the hiking badges of our partner regions in the tourist office. Please show there your earned hiking badge in the app and then you will get - perhaps with a small service charge - the physical hiking badge. How and where you can redeem the hiking badges you will find on the detail page of the hiking badge.

Which effect has the redeeming of the hiking badges on my collected points?

The redeeming of the hiking badges does not have any effect on your collected points. Just the earning of the hiking badge influences the points. As soon as you have finished a hiking badge, the points for this hiking badge start again to count from zero.

How are the points credited to the hiking badges?

When you reach a location which is part of one or several hiking badges, you get all the points for all the hiking badges for this location. To collect the points for a hiking badge, you have to earn the points on SEVERAL locations. This means if you check in 5 x on the same location, you just earn the points 1 x for the 1. run of the hiking badge. Then a new run start and as you have checked in at the location 5 times, the 2. points are credited for the 2. run and so on.

Important: We do not have a coherent point scheme for the regions, this means the points are individually set up for each region and therefore can be very different. Also the points you get for the several locations within a region can be different and are set up by different criteria. So please don't be confused that in some regions you might get 1000 points and in other regions you just get 100 points, this does't not mean anything.

Can I check how many points I have collected for a check-in?

Yes, you can check this by using our website (not the app). Please log in with your profile and go to the menu item "checkins". There you will find the entries of your logbook. Some entries show points. This is the sum of the hiking badge points which you earned with this check-in. When you open the detail page of the check-in by clicking on the image, you will see for which hiking badges exactly you have earned the points.

Can I get hiking badges multiple times?

Yes, the most of the hiking badges can be collected (and redeemed) multiple times. Just a few badges can be collected one time. This is defined by our partner regions.

Our trophies (please see "Additional badges") can be earned just one time.

I have reached a hiking badge but did not get a certificate by e-mail. What happened?

There are 2 possibilities why you do not get the certificates by e-mail:

  • You deactivated the feature "Certificate received" on your profile settings.
  • You did not verify your e-mail address.

No worry, if you miss some certificates, you will be able to download them from our website (not the app) under your profile - settings - downloads.

Do former entries count automatically for new badges?

When we set up a new hiking badge, your former entries do not automatically count for this badge.

As it can be that your entries are already long ago, you may wonder why you suddenly get a hiking badge without having done something, so we decided to make it this way.

If you would like to get the points from former entries to new badges, please write a message to and let us know the corresponding entries. We will find a solution.

Where can I see how many points there are still missing for hiking badge?

If you want to find out how many points there are still missing to obtain a certain hiking badge or how many points you have already achieved within a hiking badge, please go to the menu item "Regions” in the app. Please choose there your region and the concerned hiking badge. There you will see your earned points (123 of 456 POINTS REACHED) and the percentage of your progress. In the list you will find the locations where you have already checked in (current run marked in black - former run marked in grey).

June 27, 2021

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