Locations and tours can be put on a favorites list in order to be able to find them later on. To do this, please click on the star icon on the detail page of the location or tour. If the location or tour is saved in the favorites list, the star will be filled black, otherwise it is black outlined.

Where do I find my saved favorites?

Die gespeicherten Inhalte findest du unter deinem Profil unter den Menüpunkten "Meine Ziele" und "Meine Touren".

How can I delete my favorites?

In order to delete a favorite from the list, please go to the detail page of the location or the tour and click again on the black star icon. The star will turn black outlined again, which means that it it not saved any more.

Why should I make a favorites list?

Do you know this: You discover great hiking tours on Social Media, in papers or magazines or in the hiking log of your friends and you decide to keep them in mind. Then, when it's time to plan a new hiking tour or you decide spontaneously to go for a hike, you don't remember anything and choose again the well-known hiking tour. The favorites list is the solution for this - it helps you to keep the hiking inspirations in mind. Just take a look on it before your next hiking tour and be sure that this time you will discover a new one.

June 24, 2021

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