The hiking region Sieg is a true paradise for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. With picturesque river valleys, rolling hills and dense forests, it offers a diverse and varied landscape that invites you to explore.

The Sieg, an idyllic river that meanders through the region, shapes the landscape and offers idyllic resting places and recreational opportunities in many places. Along the river and in the surrounding nature, there are numerous well-marked hiking trails that invite you to exciting discovery tours.

Whether leisurely walks along the river banks, challenging mountain tours on the surrounding mountain ranges or idyllic hikes through dense forests - in the hiking region of Sieg, every hiker will find the right route. Explore the Riemberg and the Druidenstein as well as the Wolfsberg. On the way, you will encounter impressive vantage points again and again, which let your gaze wander over the picturesque landscape and invite you to relax.